I remember dreading turning 40 for most of the last couple of years. Wait! Its coming too fast! Shouldn’t I have a house? Be married? Have kids?? That’s the American Dream, right?

It’s not that I haven’t wanted those things, I just hasn’t happened for me – yet. My european roots beckoned me to return to a life of travel, exploration, discovery and new everything. Amazingly, many europeans get married later in life. I have found more of ‘my normal’ while traveling and have met several women my age, doing the same thing as me. Also, most people don’t believe me when I tell them my age, so far, that works for me 🙂

One of those lovely women, Andrea, (who I met in Lisbon) traveled to Barcelona that week, it was fun to have her here. I had 3 sunny days to show her some of my favorite spots and re-visit some show stoppers.

I had read about Chök the chocolate kitchen a while back and saved it to google maps. This would be a high-calorie visit, so I saved it for my birthday and had something to look forward to. We sat in the chocolate factory with our donuts and choco truffles, enjoying every bite. Tourists were walking past the small window, drooling and taking photos of the stacks of unusual and amazing looking treats.

Next we explored the many food vendors of the famous La Boqueria in Las Ramblas. Mini Fuets, little Catalan dried sausages are my fav! (no pic)

We worked off some calories by heading to the Ciutadella park, on the other side of El Born. I stayed very close to here in September and loved the giant space, full of trees, street musicians and kids running around.

We ended the evening with a visit to the Picasso Museum and a local tapas spot in El Born. A perfect day to celebrate the beginning of a new decade.