Dublin is buzzing with vacationing foreigners, backpackers of all ages and workers from all around Europe. I was thrilled to spend 2 weeks in Dublin, while wrapping up a long-term design project. During my weekend off, I took a tour bus to Galway, visiting the countryside, Corkskrew Hill, the Cliffs of Moher, and many lovely little villages along the way.

This lovely little island is full of tiny, windy roads, making it a true driving adventure! It took less than 3 hours to travel the width of the country. Along the way, we saw castles, green pastures and many ruins and rocks scattered over the hills. While in Galway, a little market was on, showing off local goods, food and art.

I made an early start on Sunday morning, walking along the coastline, enjoying the sun, when suddenly the sky turn almost black. With in minutes it was pouring rain. Not Seattle rain, but Miami rain. Since there was no shelter on the causeway, I jumped down the tide line and sat under the wave brakers, covered in seaweed, puddles and little crawly things. It beat the alternative of being soaking wet.

Then I bought a poncho.