One Sunday afternoon Kathy, Joy and I headed an hour north of Bangkok, to the Historic City of Ayutthaya. Originally the capital city of Siam (now Thailand). Large prangs (reliquary towers – each of which is to contain a body part of Buddha) and gigantic buddhist monasteries are scattered around the ancient palace which is now protected as a World Heritage property. We arrived just before sunset. It amazes me to see buildings intact that are several centuries old.

Elephant rides and local foods are offered in the park along the river and food stalls line the south side of the temple. We tried the grass-like sweet spun sugar cane aka cotton candy. Its delightful taste melted on my tongue. I passed on the fried fish stomach and dried intestines though. Thanks to Kathy, I’ve experienced many delightful dishes/fruits/desserts. Its one of the best parts of traveling.