Happy in Barcelona

Hi, I’m Andrea.

After returning from Israel and England in April 2014, my desire to travel exploded. I’m single and had nothing keeping me from giving up my cozy life in Seattle. A little fear? Yes, a few raised eyebrows? Yes, but I knew it was right for me – so I spent the next 6 months planning and preparing for my time abroad.

Leaving Seattle January 20th, 2015 for Thailand, I began my faith walk. This blog helped me capture and share my many photographs and stories along the way. I returned to Seattle in December 2015, making it my best year yet.

Professionally, I design digital experiences, with a focus on human interaction, functionality and visual design. Usually that means designing mobile apps, websites or software. The best thing is, this can be done anywhere in the world with internet connection!

I’m still catching up on the many stories and photos.

Reach out if you’re interested in visiting me, want to work with me or keep in touch.