At a recommendation of my spanish teacher, I took the high speed train to Girona, about 100 km/62 mi north of Barcelona. This medieval city is divided by the river Onyar into the Barrio Alto and New Town. Barrio Alto is partially surrounded by a tall stone wall, leading to the Cathedral.

Arab Baths, Girona, Spain

Given the old hill-top neighborhood, many passages are made up of narrow and steep steps or foot-traffic only cobble stone streets. The Arab baths, Cathedral, Sant Feliu and Sant Pere de Galligants are closely located to one-another. Girona has a rich Jewish history, maybe thats why I found a Star of David skylight in the Arab Baths? Interestingly enough, the Arab Baths looks alot like the ones in Israel.

To my fellow door lovers, there were so many, door-in-doors, tiny and grand. Next time, I would like to visit Lake of Banyoles, just a wee bit north of Girona.  The city was definitely worth the visit, if you have a day to spare while in Barcelona or Costa Brava.