2015-05-16 11.21.08
After spending a lovely few weeks in New Zealand, I was fortunate enough to reconnect with childhood friends in Tasmania. Yes, it’s a real place! It’s a good size island on the south side of Australia. Years ago in Germany, my mother befriended Cheryl and her family, and years later, we found each other on Facebook. Visiting her was a sweet treat. After spending a few days in Hobart, even randomly meeting up with Seattle native’s Dina and Eric, Cheryl and I visited a local animal sanctuary and the south coast of the island.  Ever heard of the Tasmanian Devil? Not even close to the Looney Toons cartoon. They are super small, have a vicious hiss and males eat their young! Colorful geese, kangaroo’s and other cute animals greeted us happily. A curated footprint gallery displayed large paintings of animal-created paintings. The next day I set off for a 3-day drive on…Continue Reading
2015-03-08 11.24.13
As I prepared for my travels, I started following several Australia-based instagram accounts. Based on some of these locations, I decided to rent a car for a long weekend and explore Margaret River in Southwestern Australia. Not only did I drive on the left for the first time (that I can remember) I also enjoyed some great company. Vera, a dutch traveler I met in Perth, was spending a week working on a horse ranch half way between Perth and Margaret River, so I picked her up and we hit the road. Our first night, we caught the sunset at Prevelly Beach, where Margaret River meets the ocean. As we drove around the bend, we both gasped at the beauty of the valley below. Magnificent rolling hills met the coast line, the sun covering everything in gold. It was breathtaking. Wind surfers caught the last waves before night fall, couples and groups…Continue Reading